How to Order


Pick A product

First thing to do is head over into our online shop to pick a garment you want.


Choose your Colour

Next to the main image of the product, you’ll see a grid of colour swatches, like this:

Click on one of those and the main image will change to the colour you’ve chosen.

If you like that colour, proceed to the next step.


Choose Sizes and Quantities

Now you’ve chosen your colour, use the size boxes to tell us how many of each size you’d like:

You can either type in a number or use the up/down arrows. Just leave the sizes you don’t need as empty.


Choose the customisation type

Next, tell us if you’d like your logo to be embroidered or printed.

If you want a combination of both print and embroidery on the same garment we need to be able to accommodate this with a contact us or the option to tick both print and embroidery boxes and get a total for that garment.

If you don’t require customisation, you can simply select ‘none required’ and add the quantities you’ve chosen to your basket.


Choose the position of your logo on the garment

Next, tell us where you want your logo to go. The options available and the cost for each placement will be shown.

In this example, the logo would be printed on the left hand breast, on the back centre, and on the right hand sleeve.

You only need to choose a minimum of one placement.

If you need your logo somewhere else, or you need a mixture of print/embroidery on the same garment, then please click the contact link underneath the options and tell us what special requirement it is you need.


Upload your logo

Last thing to do before adding to the basket, is to upload your logo.

Simply click this button:

Formats we can accept are JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF or PDF.


Checkout your order and submit to us

After you’ve added your product(s), customisation options and logo to your basket, you can either shop for other items or checkout.


We will send you a proof along with your invoice

When we receive your order, we will then confirm it with you, along with an invoice. 


Production & Despatch

If you are happy with everything, once we receive payment we’ll produce the goods and then despatch them to you either via DPD or you can collect them from us.